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Name Kohima
Area 3114 sq km
Population 314366
HQ Kohima
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Kohima District

Kohima, the Capital of Nagaland as well as the district headquarter of Kohima district was once the headquarter of the then Naga Hills district of Assam. It was first setup as the headquarter of a Political Agent, Naga Hills in 1873, later upgraded to that of a Political Officer in 1878. Finally, in 1879, a Deputy Commissioner headquarter was setup in Kohima for the then Naga Hills district.

When the the Naga Hills Tuensang Area came into being in 1957, Kohima was choosen as the capital, which continue even after the formation of the State of Nagaland in 1963.

Kohima lately has seen a number of developmental activities such as the Majestic Nagaland Civil Secretariat, the new MLA Hostel and the Assembly Secretariat, the Police Headquarters, the Office of the Commissioner Nagaland, the Deputy Commissioner's Office and new offices belonging to various other departments. Though, at one point of time, during the second world war, this place witnessed one of the fiercest battle between the Japanese and the Allied forces, the memory of which is still fresh in the form of a War Cemetry beloging to the Commonwealth of Nations. The changes from those days is all too visible now and this town boasts of being


The district has a literacy rate of 67.11%. Besides 22 Govt. High Schools, 22 Govt. Middle Schools, 101 Govt. Primary Schools  and  3  Govt. Colleges, there  are  several  private  educational  institutions   that  offer quality education to      students.


To  promote  the  well-being  of  the  people,   21  Primary  Health Centres have been established. The notable   health      institutions are the Naga Hospital, Mental Hospital nd T.B. Hospital (Khuzama). The Naga Hospital has Tele-Medicine Connectivity   with  the Apollo Hospital at Delhi where top physicians can be consulted for serious and complex cases.     Apart from these, there are several privately managed well equipped Nursing Homes and Clinics.


The important festivals of the district are the Angami Festivl Sekrenyi (celebrated on the 25th February), the Rengma Festival Ngada (celebrated in the last week of November).

EAC Headquarters

Chongizun (Tsongin)