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Name Tuensang
Area 11 sq km
Population 11
HQ Tuensang
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Blocks in the district
Villages in the district

Villages under Tuensang District

Chungliyemti VillageChare
Chare VillageChare
Trongar VillageChare
Alisopur VillageChare
Longkhitpe VillageChare
Tsadang Old VillageChare
Tsadang New VillageChare
Kiding VillageChare
Chungliyemti New VillageChare
Chare New TownChare
Chare Old TownChare
Tonglongsor School CompoundChare
Chessore HQChessore
Chessore VillageChessore
Y AnnerChessore
Shipongru VillageChessore
Kiutsukiur VillageChessore
Kephor VillageChessore
Huker VillageChessore
Aiponger VillageChessore
K Longsor VillageChessore
Kelonger VillageChessore
Longkhim HQLongkhim
Angangba VillageLongkhim
Lirise VillageLongkhim
Chungtor VillageLongkhim
Chimonger VillageLongkhim
Holongba VillageLongkhim
Sangsomong VillageLongkhim
Phire Ahir VillageLongkhim
Litsami VillageLongkhim
Mangakhi Old VillageLongkhim
Mangakhi New VillageLongkhim
Yangli Mission CompoundLongkhim
Sangsomong New VillageLongkhim
Nokhu A VillageNokhu
Nokhu B VillageNokhu
Chingmai VillageNoklak
Waoshu VillageNoklak
Yimpang VillageNoklak
Taknyu VillageNoklak
C Saddle VillageNoklak
Kingpao VillageNoklak
Kenking VillageNoklak
Noklak HQNoklak
Noklak VillageNoklak
Nokyan VillageNoklak
Pangsha Old VillageNoklak
Pangsha New VillageNoklak
Wansoi VillageNoklak
Langnok VillageNoklak
Aniashu VillageNoklak
Choklangan VillageNoklak
Litem VillageNoksen
Noksen TownNoksen
Noksen VillageNoksen
Longtang VillageNoksen
Kumpong VillageNoksen
Yangpi VillageNoksen
Yonyu VillageNoksen
Sangdak VillageNoksen
Yimrup VillageNoksen
Yali VillageNoksen
Longra VillageNoksen
Yukumsang VillageNoksen
Panso A VillagePanso
Panso B VillagePanso
Panso TownPanso
Kingyu VillagePanso
Lengnyu VillagePanso
Tsuwao VillagePanso
Yakao VillagePanso
Ekhao VillagePanso
Sikiur A VillageShamator
Sikiur B VillageShamator
Shamator HQShamator
Shamator VillageShamator
Yakor VillageShamator
Sangphur VillageShamator
Chassir VillageShamator
Muleangkiur VillageShamator
Leangkonger VillageShamator
Wapur VillageShamator
Lasikur VillageShamator
Thonoknyu HQThonoknyu
Thonoknyu VillageThonoknyu
Peshu VillageThonoknyu
Sanglao VillageThonoknyu
Wui VillageThonoknyu
Chillitso VillageThonoknyu
Kingjong VillageThonoknyu
Chipur VillageThonoknyu
Thoktsur VillageThonoknyu
Thongsonyu VillageThonoknyu
Jejeiking VillageThonoknyu
Pang VillageThonoknyu
Sanglao Nokye VillageThonoknyu
Tsurongto HQTsurongto
Sukiur VillageTsurongto
Rurur A VillageTsurongto
Anatonger New VillageTsurongto
Pungronger VillageTsurongto
Hutanger VillageTsurongto
Rurur B VillageTsurongto
Tuensang TownTuensang
Kejok VillageTuensang
Sangsangnyu VillageTuensang
Konya VillageTuensang
Maksha VillageTuensang
Nyinyem VillageTuensang
Chingmelen VillageTuensang
Helipong VillageTuensang
Chendang VillageTuensang
Hak VillageTuensang
Ngangpong VillageTuensang
Sibongsang VillageTuensang
Sotokur VillageTuensang
Hakchang VillageTuensang
Kuthur VillageTuensang
Longtoker VillageTuensang
Nakshou VillageTuensang
Lokong VillageTuensang
Khudei VillageTuensang
Momching VillageTuensang
Saochu VillageTuensang
Bhumpak VillageTuensang
Tuensang VillageTuensang
Potambou VillageTuensang
Ngongchung CompoundTuensang
Sangchen CompoundTuensang