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About District Administration 


District Administration is headed at the Directorate level by the Commissioner Nagaland and comes under the Administrative control of the Home Department. The office of the Commissioner Nagaland is responsible for implementation of the policies of the Government and maintenance of law & order in the districts through the Deputy Commissioners while policy decisions are taken at the Government level, in this case the Home Department.


          At the Government level the department is headed by the Home Commissioner who is generally of the IAS cadre in the rank of Super-time scale and above, who is assisted by a host of officers in the ranks of Secretary, Addl. Secretary, Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Under Secretaries. Below this are the Secretarial/ministerial staff from the rank of Section Officer to that of Secretariat Assistant and other Grade D staff.


          The Home Department has many branches that look after the affairs of the various departments that come under its administrative control. The District Administration is looked after by the General Administration Branch (GAB). All administrative and financial requirements of  District Administration are, as an example, proposals for creation/upgradation of Administrative Units; creation of posts; promotions; procurement; works programmes are first sent by the Districts to the Commissioner Nagaland, who in turn, as per the merit of the case, sends it to the Home Department and in the Home Department, it is the GAB, which processes the proposal and as per norm ties up with the other departments such as Finance, Transport, P&AR, etc., before finally conveying the approval/non-approval of the Government as the case may be.


At present there are 11 (eleven) district headquarters, 19 (Nineteen) ADC (Additional Deputy Commissioner) sub-divisions, 24 (twenty Four) SDO (Civil) (Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil)) sub-divisions and 61 (Sixty One) EAC (Extra Assistant Commissioner) Circles in the State. In order to ensure safety to its citizens the district administration carries out security co-ordination meetings at the district and State level including regular Deputy Commissioners’ conferences.


Apart from law and order duties, Revenue collection is also an important component of the district administration. The main sources of revenue comes from ILP fees, House taxes, Arms licenses fees, General Administration Rest Houses rentals, Land Revenue etc. In the area of ILP, as per the Cabinet decision and Government Notification No.CON-1/G/162/2004, dated 20th April, 2006, the Office of the Commissioner was authorized to develop a special ILP for the Catholic missionaries. This office, therefore, has developed a procedure and a format for implementation of Special ILP which is computerized. The issuance of Special ILP begun in the November 2006.


The district administration is considered to be at the periphery of the Government and reaches out to the grass-root level of the population, therefore, it is the part of the Government that is all the time visible to the people.


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